Vegan and Gluten-free options available

Sides & Salads

Kheera Raita $2.99
Whipped yogurt with freshly grated cucumber and lightly spiced
Mango Salad $4.95      
Julienne cut mangoes and carrots with a touch of black pepper, sugar, and salt for perfection

Cucumber Salad $4.75
Tossed lettuce with onions and cucumber
Onion Salad $1.99
Green Salad $5.50
Tossed lettuce,  tomatoes cucumber, and onions 
Hot Pickle $2.99
Mango Chutney $2.75


L . L . B. O.


Pulao rice $3.95
Long Grain Basmati rice cooked with pure saffron and touch of spice.
Steamed Rice $3.50
Long grain, naturally aromatic basmati rice.
Veggie Biryani $9.95
Pulao rice pan-fried with fresh vegetables.
Chicken Biryani $10.50
Pulao rice pan-fried with tender pieces of chicken.
Beef or Lamb Biryani $11.95
Pulao rice mixed with a choice of either lamb or beef and classical Indian spices.
Shrimp Biryani $13.95
Pulao rice mixed with tiger shrimp and a touch of classic Indian spices.
Zeera Biryani $12.49
Pulao Rice with a perfect mixture of Chicken, Lamb, Beef and Tiger Shrimps infused with traditional Indian Spices.



Soft Drinks                                                                       $1.80

Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger ale, Sprite, Ice Tea , Club Soda 

Perrier                                                                               $2.25

Lassi                                                                                    $2.99
Mango lassi or Sweet lassi or Salty lassi

Chai (Indian) Tea                                                         $2.75


Assorted  $7.99
Two pieces of chicken, two fish, two onion bhaji, and one veggie samosa
Veggie Samosa  $3.50
2 Savory pastries stuffed with seasoned potatoes, green peas with tamarind drizzle
Chicken ($7.99)/Fish Pakora ($6.99)                                                                        
Chicken or fish seasoned & golden fried with mildly spiced chicken batter.

Bhel Puri   $4.95
A scrumptious mixture of puffed rice, peanuts, fine fried noodles, potatoes and onions blended together with tamarind sauce
Aloo Tikki  $3.50
2 Potato cutlets with fresh chickpeas curry
Veggie Pakora/Onion Bhajia   $4.80
Crunchy dumplings made of a lightly spiced assortment of diced vegetables & gram flour
Mulligatawny Soup  $4.95
Spicy all-time favorite made with red lentils and fresh vegetables

Sea Treasures
Karai Shrimp  $14.95
Pan-seared tiger shrimps tossed with bell pepper and freshly pounded spices in tomato sauce
Prawns Malabar $14.95
Coastal India's prawn specialty, lightly flavored with coconut, spices and with the hints of lemon

Fish Masala $13.95
Pan-seared fish with onions and  bell peppers
Kerala Fish Curry  $13.95
Sautéed fish cubes in coconut flavored sauce tempered with Kerala spice mix
Prawn Vindaloo  $14.95
Hot and Spicy Prawn with ground chilies and black pepper.

Zeera Special Platter $17.95
Chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, 2 garlic prawns & Fish Tikka

Lamb di Chaap  $14.95
Tender lamb chops marinated with ginger, paprika, and crushed peppercorns
Tandoori Prawns   $14.95
Tiger prawns marinated with ginger, yogurt, paprika, 
ajwain & garlic

Tandoori Wings   $9.50
Chargrilled chicken wings marinated with aromatic spices and yogurt
Tandoori Chicken   $10.95
Spring chicken marinated in yogurt, ginger, crushed garlic and roasted in a glowing clay oven
Chicken($11.49)or Fish Tikka ($12.99)
Chicken or fish fillets barbequed in clay oven marinated with yogurt and spices.
Chicken(11.95)/ Lamb (12.95) Seekh Kebab
Barbequed mince chicken with coriander & ginger mint with fresh spice

Paneer Tikka $11.50

char grilled paneer with onions and bell peppers 


Rasmalai                                                 All desserts $3.95
Sugary, delicious paneer-soaked balls 
flavored with rich Indian spices and cardamom topped with chopped pistachios
Gulab Jamun
Sweet and delectable balls accompanied by traditional sweet sugar syrup
Traditional South Indian sweet rice pudding, made with cream, sugar and accompanied by cardamom, pistachios, 
and almonds
Pistachio or Mango Kulfi
Milk-based, Indian Style Ice Cream that is Pistachio or Mango flavored  


Lamb & Beef Special      Lamb $12.95       Beef $11.99

Saag Lamb or Beef
Succulent morsels of lamb/beef curries in a fresh mint and coriander sauce with a hint of fresh spinach
Lamb or  Beef Tikka Masala
Tender baby lamb braised in a robust gravy of poppy seeds, onions, ginger with spices
Lamb or Beef Vindaloo
Morsels of lean tender lamb in a hot and tangy sauce

Lamb/Beef Zaffrani Roganjoosh
Cubes of lamb infused with an aromatic cardamom sauce, simply lamb curry at its best
Shahi Lamb/Beef Korma
Tender pieces of lamb nut and pistachio sauce
Bombay Lamb/Beef Curry
Lamb/beef tempered with fennel infused spice mix

Zeera Special Chicken  $12.95
Tender barbecued chicken coated with creamy ginger-infused curry with a 
special spice mix.
Butter Chicken $12.75
Freshly barbecued chicken simmered in creamed tomatoes gravy subtly flavored with fenugreek
Madras Chicken  $12.25
Chicken cooked in coconut oil tempered with mustard seeds, whole crushed spices, curry leaves, dry chilies, and coconut milk
Chicken  Zaffrani   $12.50
Cubes of chicken infused with an aromatic cardamom sauce, chicken curry at its finest
Chicken Korma $12.25
Delicately curries chicken cooked in a rich sauce of yogurt, onions, dried fruits, and cashews

Chicken Tikka Masala $11.50
Juliennes of barbecued chicken cooked with fresh ground spices, tomatoes, green & red peppers in masala sauce
Chicken  Saag  Malai $11.50
A nutritious mixture of masterfully seasoned chicken morsel and creamed spinach
Chilly Chicken  $11.95
Spicy chicken breast stewed in a smooth tomato and chilly garlic sauce crushed peppercorn
Chicken Vindaloo $11.25
Only for the  iron-hearted, fried red curried chicken with freshly ground red chilies and black peppercorn


Bread Basket $8.99
3 naans (1 Kashmiri naan, 1 garlic naan & 1 Lacha paratha). 
Roti $2.99
Whole wheat bread cooked over glowing charcoal.
 Naan $2.25
Delectable Tandoori bread worth tasting.
Garlic or Onion Naan $3.25
Naan with garlic or onion flavor. Perfect for accompanying any curry-based

Mint Paratha $3.50
Whole wheat naan with mint flavor. 
Kashmiri Naan $3.50
Naan stuffed with cashew nuts, coconuts, cherries, and dried fruit.
Aloo Paratha $3.50
Flaky bread stuffed with seasoned potatoes.
Zeera Special Naan $3.99
Naan Stuffed with barbeque chicken with Chef's special spice.
Lacha Paratha (Layered Indian Naan) $3.50
A crispy layer of Roti- style bread (whole wheat).


Eggplant Bharta $10.99
Clay oven roasted eggplant gently spiced with cumin, tomatoes, green onions, peas and a touch of cream
Aloo Gobi Mutter $10.99
Cauliflower simmered in a delicious masala of poppy, cloves, and fennel with fresh green peas and potatoes

Channa $9.15
Chickpeas slowly simmered with tart pomegranate seeds, tomatoes, and spices
Saag Paneer $10.99
Char-grilled Indian cheese simmered with fresh baby spinach and sizzled with garlic

Daal Mukhnee $9.50
Black lentil with kidney beans slowly cooked with, garlic, chopped onions, garlic, fresh ginger and cumin
Kumb Mutter Paneer $10.50
Sautéed mushroom, peas and homemade cottage cheese simmered in a light creamy sauce

Chilli Paneer $10.50
Spicy Indian cheese (paneer) cubes stewed in a smooth tomato and chili garlic sauce with crushed peppercorns
Veggie ($9.50) and or Paneer Korma ($10.50)
A variety of fresh vegetables or cheese(paneer) simmered in a rich almond and cashew sauce
Okra Do Pyaza $10.50
Sautéed fresh okra, onions, tomatoes with a hint of cumin and fenugreek
Malai Kofta $10.50
Homemade cottage cheese with raisins and cashew nut simmered in a curry, flavored with freshly pounded spices
Paneer Tikka Masala $10.99
Fried cheese pieces cooked with fresh ground spices, tomatoes, and green and red peppers in a masala sauce
Paneer Mukhnee $10.99
Cubes of cottage cheese cooked in exotic cream and tomato sauce
Bombay Aloo $9.15
Potatoes cooked in an onion & tomato sauce with a fresh mint flavor
Saag Aloo $9.15
Potatoes simmered with fresh baby spinach and sizzled with garlic